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Total process

Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

Post content:

1. Analyze and solve the quality problems in daily production;

2, product process guidance;

3. Sorting out the new process;


Job requirements:

1. College degree, major in electronics is preferred;

2. Have a full understanding of the production process of electronic products or power supply products;

3. Have certain experience in bad control of production process;

4. Can quickly analyze and find solutions to changes or abnormalities in the five factors of production;

5, the new product trial production operability evaluation has been engaged in or have experience in this area;

6. Supervision of SOP management and process implementation.


Contact: Miss Lin

Tel: 0752-2771183



Position Benefits:

  • 8-hour working system, overtime pay, national legal leave, five insurances and one fund, paid annual leave, year-end bonus, meal supplement, room supplement, shuttle bus, telephone fee subsidy, free travel, free physical examination, birthday gifts, holiday benefits
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