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PE Engineer

Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Collect bad process data for trial production of new models and put forward correction in time;

Pay attention to the bad situation of the production line;

To make statistics on the reasons for the defective rate of each test and propose countermeasures;

Collaborate with IE and manufacturing to improve production line efficiency;

Master the product process, familiar with the new product introduction process and production process;

Have good interpersonal and inter-departmental communication and coordination skills;


Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic information, at least 3 years working experience in this position;

Master the electrical characteristics of power products, can understand the circuit diagram;

Proficient in using OFFICE software;

Skilled in the use of power products production test equipment;

Contact: Miss Lin

Tel: 0752-2771183



Position Benefits:

  • 8-hour working system, overtime pay, national legal leave, five insurances and one fund, paid annual leave, year-end bonus, meal supplement, room supplement, shuttle bus, telephone fee subsidy, free travel, free physical examination, birthday gifts, holiday benefits
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