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Sine Wave Inverter 1000W

Sine Wave Inverter 1000W

Model: Sine Wave Inverter 1000W
Product Size: L337*W232*H96mm
Compliant certification/Certificate: ETL/UL/CE
Product description

•Energy-saving, efficient chip design, fast speed, reliable performance

•The output voltage is sinusoidal wave, which is suitable for the starting load with frequent addition and subtraction

•Low voltage protection, high voltage protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection

•Short circuit protection and alarm function,with the function of remote control switch machine, Fast startup and high conversion efficiency

Feature of product

Small standby power consumption, energy saving

Perfect protection function

Input voltage is divided into: 12/24VDC

Output voltage is divided into: 100/120/230VAC output power frequency is divided into: 50/60Hz output power 1000W, the highest capacity 2000W often reaches the high conversion efficiency above in 5 seconds,

Average efficiency ≧85.0%

Application field

Suitable for small and medium-sized energy-saving lamps, fans, televisions, computers and other household appliances,

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