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Sine Wave Inverter 350W

Sine Wave Inverter 350W

Model: Sine Wave Inverter 350W
Product Size: L243*W180*H75mm
Compliant certification/Certificate: ETL/UL/CE
Product description

•Intelligent charging function, PV and utility complementary charging

•The utility model has the function of by-pass and automatic conversion to inverter after power failure.

•Energy-saving, efficient chip design, fast speed, reliable performance

•The output voltage is sinusoidal wave with strong load capacity. With low voltage protection, high voltage protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection

•short-circuit protection and alarm functions

•Fast startup and high conversion efficiency

Feature of product

Small standby power consumption, energy saving

Perfect protection function

Input voltage: 12/24VDC

Output voltage: 100/120/230VAC

Output electrical frequency: 50/60Hz

Power 350W, the highest output capacity 700W high conversion efficiency

Average efficiency ≧85.0%

Application field

Suitable for household small charger, lighting equipment and small power supply load to provide power

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